A nude lipstick is a core member of the no makeup look and you need one right now to ace this natural look! Fear not, as I’m here with my arsenal of best nude lipsticks in India.

I personally wanted to share this with you guys because there are times when you might have been standing in front of the mirror, totally feeling yourself but somehow, bold makeup isn’t something you want to go for heightening your sexiness.

Rather, you might prefer a no-makeup makeup look. These are perfect for all occasions, looks, and events, where your natural cuts and shapes are simply highlighted and not hidden. So, let’s get quickly started.

10 Best Nude Lipsticks in India to Buy Online

Keep things simple with a nude lipstick that compliments you even if you are straight out of bed. However, the nude lipstick hack is easier said than done! Lucky for you, there are a few hacks in store.

  • Pick the right shade of nude: Yup! There are differences in this shade and to pick the right one, consider your skin tone. Go for a shade that is a wee bit darker and warmer than your natural skin colour.
  • Contour it Right: Contouring your lips is the secret to fuller lips. Just outline your lips with a liner or blot your lower lip with shimmery powder and apply your lipstick later for a bold effect.
  • Make it Long Lasting: Apply compact on your lips to hold your lipstick for a longer time. Simply put on your lipstick, blot it and add a fine dust of powder twice. Your lipstick is now going nowhere!

Now that we have amped up our lipstick knowledge, let me tell you all about the nude lipsticks and the quality brands that you can add to your arsenal.

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1. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Nude Lipstick

best nude lipsticks for indian skin tone

Because you’re worth it! I, 100% believe that you deserve the best of lipstick and when it comes to the nude shade, nothing is better than the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, which not only highlights those beautiful lips with nude contour but also adds a layer of nourishing moisture that makes your put elegant and classy.

Enriched with the essence of honey nectar, this lipstick simply glides over your lips and keeps them soft, smooth and nourished all day long. With Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, your lips remain forever beautiful and uncracked. (I hate chapped lips).

  • Quantity: 3.9g
  • Form: Creamy Matte
  • Shade: 657 Nude Nuance
Reasons to Buy:
  • Contains honey nectar that nourishes your lips naturally
  • Smooth, creamy matte finish that stays all day long
  • Equipped with a non-drying & non-crackable formula
  • Has a high colour payoff

My Verdict: Its rich creamy texture had me swooning the minute I applied it and I must say, my lips looked soft, plump and naturally beautiful, thanks to the beautiful matching shade and nourishing formula. So, undeniably, this is one of the best nude lipsticks in India.

2. Lakme 9 to 5 Primer & Matte Lip Colour

best nude lipsticks for indian skin tone

Lakme and I go a long way back. Perhaps the first lipstick I ever tried and it has stuck with me ever since. With its rich texture and in-built primer, I can actually feel my lips plump up and be in that sensuous pout mode without even trying.

Since I don’t mind wearing lipstick literally everywhere I go, I prefer to keep its neutral tone and long lasting self in my bag at all times. Adding cherry to the cake is its simple and ergonomic design that makes it carrying around so convenient.

Anyone who chooses this lipstick shall revel in its soft, creamy glow.

  • Quantity: 3.6g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Blushing Nude
Reasons to Buy:
  • Has an in-built primer that helps long lasting stay
  • A vibrant colour payoff
  • Intense matte and creamy finish that adds to the pout
  • Equipped with a non-drying and non-crackable formula
  • Super smooth texture that just glides

My Verdict: I swear by this lipstick when I am in the mood of having my natural look but just a dab of makeup that would oomph my face. A swipe of this lipstick adds 80% of the oomph that I am looking for.

3. MAC Lip Care Nude Lipstick Shade (for Indian Skin Tone)

best MAC nude lipstick in india

Dive into the power of monochrome with MAC Lip Care Lipstick, which displays the sheer elegance of subtle in the most dynamic ways. A simple swipe of this lipstick and you feel ready to conquer the world, but your own way.

Wearing this lipstick not only adds warmth to your look but also contours the lips, ensuring full coverage and absolutely no bleeding. Dab its creamy texture that stays long throughout the day without cracking or drying up. Add this to your makeup collection for a quick pick-me-up for your makeup.

  • Quantity: 3.9g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Velvet Teddy
Reasons to Buy:
  • Does not resort to dullness because of its nude shade.
  • Does not dry or cake over your lips.
  • Long lasting stay, even after a meal.
  • Creamy texture that glides smoothly across your lips

My Verdict: When I am looking for something warmer and subtle for my look, I pick this baby up. However, it never compromises with my look or does not bring down my radiance – in fact, it enhances it in an elegant manner. Truly, one of the premium and best nude lipsticks in India I’ve ever seen.

4. Lotus Make Up Pure Colors Matte Lip Color

natural lipstick shades for indian skin

Encrusted in a jewel box, the Lotus Make Up Pure Colors Matte Lip Color is a nude lipstick if you are there to make a statement but without the bang. With a slightly bright pigment, it adds the funk to an otherwise elegant nude lipstick and sometimes, I like that!

I love how it easily contours my lips without bleeding outside my lip line, adding the crucial density to my lips so that they look soft and kissable. This is more of an organic lipstick. Its creamy texture, enriched with jojoba oil naturally nourishes my lips and I am saved from the constant refreshment process. A true convenience for me.

  • Quantity: 4.2g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Nude Shine
Reasons to Buy:
  • One stroke bright application.
  • Enriched with jojoba oil, it offers nourishment to the lips.
  • With creamy and smooth finish that glides easily.
  • Long lasting hue.

My Verdict: With a tinge of bright hue, this nude shade is my buddy when I want to mix up a few things but mainly resonate to a subtle and light makeup. A win-win product for me.

5. Nykaa So Matte! Lipstick

best nude lipstick in india

Giving an urban and chic vibe, the Nykaa So Matte! Lipstick is a constant companion of the busy lady, bustling about her day but with no compromises on self-care and beauty. I especially love its simple and nonsense body design that makes application so easy! If you are someone (like me) who does her makeup on the local train or bus, this is the lipstick you need!

Its creamy stay on texture and great colour pay off has impressed me! I love how, upon single application, it not only adds the hue but also softness, smoothness and plumpness to my lips, all in just 3 seconds. A blessing indeed!

  • Quantity: 4.2g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Taupe Thrill
Reasons to Buy:
  • Pigment rich formula that does not dry up
  • One stroke formula with an effortless glide
  • Gives a full coverage
  • Creamy and long-lasting texture
  • Gives out a gorgeous & soft matte glow

My Verdict: I often carry this lipstick in my handbag for it immediately perks up my face and adds that soft hue to my lips that make them radiant and look plump. Swipe and I am done!

6. Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Hazel Lipstick

buy nude lipstick online india

Available is a cute pencil packaging, the Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD is a dream come true for me and all thanks to its in-built primer that makes application oh-so-easy with absolutely no need for constant touch ups.

There is no compromise on the long lasting stay of the rich and creamy formula that adds to the elegance as well as glamour of your makeup, whether you are stepping out for a drink or going for an important office meeting. A great colour pays off for a great warm look.

  • Quantity: 1.4g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Brown Nude
Reasons to Buy:
  • Intense matte finish with a creamy afterglow
  • Has built-in primer for a long lasting stay
  • Negates the chances for any touch ups.
  • Smooth and silky application with high coverage

My Verdict: I am ecstatic about the in-built primer that makes application so easy with long lasting effects. A simple swipe and I am ready for the day.

7. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick

top 10 nude lipstick brands online india

The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick epitomizes the quality of a quintessential British lipstick that is earmarked by its soft glow and undertones, that we have been seeing in the classics.

This lipstick is a treasure trove with long lasting stay and stunning vibrancy that never compromises on the smooth and creamy matte finish. A wholesome product, this can be a great addition to your makeup bag.

  • Quantity: 4g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: Nude Pink
Reasons to Buy:
  • Has a great colour pay-off and lasting vibrancy
  • Long lasting upto 8 hours
  • Smooth and creamy texture that softens the lips
  • Ergonomic design

My Verdict: With a 25% colour vibrancy, I believe that this lipstick can add the much needed finish that our entire makeup relies upon. With a hint of pink, this lipstick is perfect for any occasion.

8. SUGAR Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick

nude lipstick shades for dusky skin

Nothing else matters when you are sporting your real and confident self. The SUGAR Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick adds the iconic touch to your everyday makeup with its subtle nude undertones but with a rich creamy application.

With hints of brown and peach, this lipstick adds the punch to a nude shade which makes it the best of both worlds. With a great colour pay off, long lasting stay and water-resistant formula, you in your hands have a winner.

  • Quantity: 3.5g
  • Form: Matte
  • Shade: 15 Beige Turner
Reasons to Buy:
  • A nude lipstick with tints of brown and peach
  • Soft matte finish that gives off a bright opaque look
  • No paraben-formula that does not fade throughout the day
  • Water-resistant and dermatologically tested

My Verdict: I have always loved Sugar lipsticks for their bold and rich products. The Beige Turner didn’t disappoint me either as it gave that soft yet strong look which ended with a creamy note that I absolutely love.

9. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss

nude lipstick for indian skin

A lip gloss that looks like a lipstick – the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss is what nude lipstick aficionados dream of! It is like applying luxury to your lips, with a great colour pay off but with the subtlety and softness of the shade.

Its rich and creamy shade adds the right amount of density to your lips, making them look plump and healthy, naturally. And if you are someone who does not mind an occasional shine, this product is made just for you. Formulated with precious oils and deep colour pigments, this lipstick the ideal partner for lip care and colour.

  • Quantity: 5g
  • Form: Gloss
  • Shade: Rose Melody
Reasons to Buy:
  • The goodness of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss
  • Rose tint that adds to the delicate touch of your lips
  • Made from precious micro oils for deep nourishment
  • Great colour payoff thanks to rich pigments

My Verdict: I don’t mind adding a bit of shine to my daily makeup and since it is the perfect mix of subtlety with shine. I can use that in my life!

10. Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick

best nude lipstick for fair skin

The Swiss Beauty Matte Lip is lightweight and has a strong matte after touch which adds to the brightness and opaque look necessary for beautifully painted lips.

Thanks to its long lasting stay with no drying and caking, you are saved from the hassles of repeated touch ups. Not to mention, its highly pigment liquid variety makes it even better lip confidant. Go for Swiss Beauty Matte Lip for beautifully defined lips.

  • Quantity: 3g
  • Form: Matt
  • Shade: Iconic Nude
Reasons to Buy:
  • Offers high coverage and no bleeding
  • Long lasting and waterproof with no-dry formula
  • Made from rich pigments for that dense and bright look
  • Dermatologically tested

My Verdict: Though I am a bit uncomfortable with liquid lipsticks, this one here put me right at ease! I love its intense matte effect and can go on for hours without having to worry about it caking up and looking ridiculous.


In contrast to popular opinion, a nude lipstick is not boring and can in-fact amp up your look phenomenally. You know that and that’s why you are here, looking for the best nude lipsticks in India. I am sure something caught your fancy and you ARE planning on adding it to your makeup kit. Don’t think so much! It is after all the harbinger of graceful beauty. Buy your favourite nude lipstick today!